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Cabinet of Educational and Multimedia Resources

Welcome to our resource generation and dissemination service, specially designed for the university community. We offer solutions for the production of audiovisual content for teaching and research staff (PDI), administration and services staff (PAS) and students, always with the authorization of a teacher.

We focus on:

Advise the staff of the Universitat Politècnica de València in the use of audiovisual media

Provide audiovisual support for recording and editing

Enable set spaces for teaching recordings

Manage the materials produced for reproduction on the UPV's video distribution platforms

We offer a wide range of services, we make sure to maintain high quality standards in all our productions and we work closely with users to ensure that their needs are met effectively. For more information access our "Catalog of services and equipment".



To facilitate the search in GREM, we distinguish between CREATOR users (who generate content) and users who search for RESOURCES in the repository.


If you want to generate content to share online, we offer you a wide range of audiovisual resource production services and we provide advice at all stages of the process, from planning to publication, through recording and post-production.

  1. See the General Conditions.
  2. Prepare the material. See Support material.
  3. Login session in the GREM with your UPVNET user.
  4. Request a new service in the Reservations option.
  5. Tingues preparat tot el material per al dia reservat.
  6. You can find all your material produced in the "My space" option once you login.
  7. Use the search engine on this page "Search in GREM" to find all the material produced.

If you are a new creator and do not know how to organize your ideas with the resources we have, request a «General technical support» service. (follow point 3 and 4).




To search for resources, we maintain an intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use repository, where you can find and access the audiovisual resources generated and that ICE finds interesting for the university community, ordered by categories:

If you log in with your UPVNET credentials you can select resources as favorites by clicking on the heart icon to activate it , In this way you will have them saved to see them whenever you want from the "Favorites" option.



In both cases, we strive to provide exceptional service and ensure that our users have access to the high-quality audiovisual resources they need to achieve their academic and professional goals. Contact us today at Poli[Consulta] for more information on how we can help you!